Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow and Ice Can be Dangerous for Many Women

As a female, I too, like to wear fashionable shoes or boots, however with the onset of snow and ice after the 1st big snow storm hitting Northeastern Ohio it can be very dangerous. The treacherous snow and icy conditions we endure, can lead to falls, which are not only embarrassing but can result in a number of injuries. If your ankle rolls inward or outward, a bone can be broken or if your ankle twists, ligaments can be stretched or torn causing an ankle sprain. If this does happen to you, collect your belongings, brush off your designer duds and get somewhere where you can immediately begin “R.I.C.E.” therapy– rest, ice, compression and elevation – to help reduce swelling, pain and further injury. Then pick up your phone and call my practice in Mentor to be seen, 440-946-5858. If treatment is delayed long-term complications, such as chronic ankle instability and pain, arthritis, or deformity can develop.

Also, please do not believe the misnomer, if you can walk on it, it is not broken. If you develop pain, swelling, or bruising this is an indication of a serious injury requiring medication attention, so please don't hestiate and come into the office for evaluation.

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